Amazing Hong Kong


There has been much confusion about whether Hong Kong is a country or part of China. A treaty signed between China and Britain in 1843 stated that Hong Kong was part of the British Empire. Today, under the principle of ‘One country, two systems’, the island maintains a separate political and economic system from China.

Victoria Habour

One cannot visit Hong Kong and not tour the Victoria Habour. This significant habour became a major shipping port in the 1930’s and played a huge role in developing Hong Kong’s economy.

I enjoyed taking in the lovely scenery of the island from the shores of the habour before taking a ferry across, among other tourists. Look out for the ‘Symphony of Lights’ show, which is performed daily. The lighting effects on the building are simply amazing.

The Avenue of Stars

On a lovely day, one can enjoy a stroll along the Avenue of Stars, which is a beautiful promenade, on the northern side of the Victoria Habour.  On one side, it features the hand prints and a few statues of famous stars from the region, such as Jackie Chan. Quite similar to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

               Statue of Jackie Chan

          Enjoying the Avenue of Stars

The International Finance Centre

The IFC is a large, commercial skyscraper, in the Central District’s waterfront. It consists of two buildings; the IFC Mall and the Four Seasons hotel. It has recognition for being one of Hong Kong’s tallest buildings. If you have time to visit the IFC’s observation deck, you will enjoy the breath-taking views of the city.

Victoria Peak

This is a mountain found in the western part of Hong Kong. It is the highest peak around, offering a bird’s eye view of the Victoria Habour and Kowloon area.
At night, it is lit up beautifully by lights bouncing off skyscrapers in the distance. It is a sight worth seeing from the peak. 

One can choose to use the tram to go up the mountain in comfort. Personally, I chose to slowly climb up the peak, which is a more detailed way to explore the nature trails found along the way.

Hong Kong Island Disneyland

The impressive theme park is found on Lantau Island and is divided into 7 sections: Adventure-land, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, Toy Story Land, Fantasy-land, Tomorrow-land and Main Street, U.S.A.

You can spend an entire day here, trying out the different rides and entertainment features it has to offer. There is something for everyone; from little children to adults. For those with a thrill for speed, they have a variety of roller-coaster and other rides to choose from.

Fireworks at the end of the night
                    Salsa dancers

Temple Street Night Market

This one of the most lively and busy night markets in Hong Kong. Located in Kowloon, you can find all sorts of items, ranging from clothes, fake brand handbags, trinkets and seafood.

If you like to end your trip with a street shopping spree, this is the place to visit. And if you are adventurous enough, you could try some of the delicacies offered by the street vendors or get your future read by the fortune tellers present.

The market starts in the afternoon and traffic is closed off, allowing both local and foreign tourists to move up and down the street freely. For the best deals, look out for some of the shops hidden behind the main stalls.